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Peacock Gap-tastic Cowl

So, about 6 years ago I found this knit hat/cowl/something and decided that I HAD TO HAVE IT. So, I bought some awesome peacock blue bulky alpaca yarn and tried to replicate the pattern. I was knitting in brioche stitch (which I had to re-learn every time I picked up the project). And it was awful. It never ended up looking like my inspiration. So, I did something that I’m so not good at: I…

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Moss Making Month: Classic Denim Skirt, part 2

Moss Making Month: Classic Denim Skirt, part 2

It’s DONE!

My first Moss skirt is complete!


The verdict? I LOVE IT!

I seriously went all out in the construction of this baby. I was going for that classic jeans-style. I flat-felled all the seams I possibly could. The front seam I did a fake flat-felled seam since a correctly constructed one would have made the zipper insertion much more difficult. I top stitched EVERYTHING. I used rivets on…

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Moss Making Month: Classic Denim Skirt, part 1

Moss Making Month: Classic Denim Skirt, part 1

20140406-074924.jpgI had planned to start earlier last week, but my inability to even walk in my craft room because of all the crap overflowing onto the floor had me at the point of a nervous break down. I proceeded to organize (and trash) the remnants of everything I’ve ever purchased for craft projects over the past 8 years. Seriously, the amount of CRAP that I held on to because “I might use it, one day!” was…

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Moss Making Month - Mini Skirt Sew-A-Long!

Moss Making Month – Mini Skirt Sew-A-Long!

moss making month logo

Stephanie from makesthethings & Native Clutter and I have declared April to be Moss Making Month!

We are planning on making as many Moss skirts as we possibly can in one month to get ready for summer.

I might end up wearing Mosses, slouchy shirts, and sandals aaaaalllllllllllll summer long. I need to be ready!

You can see sneak peaks all month long on our Instagram accounts, too (look up…

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Sometimes I stop and think: “I get to live HERE.”

#colorado #mountains #lifeisgood #notevenmad
I finished the back panel of my Aidez cardigan tonight!
#knitting #aidez #aidezcardigan
And knitting and bouldering.
And I just want to nap in the sunshine.
Yep, it’s #fire and #grilling season again!
So, it’s a wee bit cold to hang out on the patio while grilling. That’s what the fire is for!
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Oatmeal HemlockI made another Hemlock!!
This time, out of a drapey oatmeal-colored jersey I picked up down at…View Post

Oatmeal Hemlock

I made another Hemlock!!

This time, out of a drapey oatmeal-colored jersey I picked up down at…

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Plenty of Plantains!Look! I made a new shirt!

Read all about it over on the Fancy Tiger Blog!View Post
Perfect start to winter break: coffee, yarn, and Nate.
#coffee #crochet #imaknitter #notacrocheter #learning
Olive Knit Scout Tee
Welcome to my chicken coop…I mean…I made another shirt!
pattern: scout tee ◊ grainline studio
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